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BMW ActiveHybrid7 coming to India soon

BMW ActiveHybrid7 coming to India soon

Snapshot: BMW is going aggressive with its premium line-up and the ActiveHybrid7 is a show of the company's Eco-friendly technology prowess

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A little birdie tells us that BMW might launch its 7-series ‘ActiveHybrid7’ in June. While the 7-series has always been a trail blazer of sorts, with the 730Ld holding a dubious reputation of being the most ‘economical’ of the large luxury saloons, the ActiveHybrid7 is more of an image builder and a show of the Bavarian car maker’s eco-friendly technological skills.

The 320hp 2,979cc engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology is taken from the ‘standard’ 740i and then adapted with a 55hp synchronous motor, a hybrid specification eight-speed automatic transmission, a lithium-ion high performance battery all wrapped into an intelligent energy management package to provide the first 7 Series hybrid to be offered in India.

Performance is brisk yet economical and with low CO2 emissions. With a max output of 354hp and 500 Nm of torque the ActiveHybrid7 can accelerate from zero to 100kmph in 5.7 seconds and on to a top speed of 250kmph, electronically limited of course! However, it is capable of this at the same time as achieving 15kpl and emissions of 158g/km. Of course, the normal 7-series comforts and conveniences are part of the package.

Pricing? Well, BMWs ain’t cheap and expect the ActiveHybrid7 to cost at least Rs. 1.60 crore, ex-showroom Delhi. Caring for the environment doesn’t come cheap!