BMW Concept 101 is Motorrad Imagining a True American Cruiser!

BMW Concept 101 is Motorrad Imagining a True American Cruiser!

Snapshot: Have a look at the stunning piece of BMW Motorrad imagination of what should a true American cruiser should be!!

BMW Motorrad is known to be the maker of probably the world's best Adventure Tourers and then they are also known to be the minds behind the spectacular game changer in the superbike category, the S1000RR, needless to say, they know what they are doing and the world is always excited to know what new stuff is cooking behind the doors at BMW Motorrad.

This time around it is BMW Motorrad's Southern California based Design House that has gone ahead and come out with a beastly awesome cruiser concept known as the Concept 101, which is the BMW Motorrad's way of interpreting the web of endless highways and the dream of freedom and independence – the perfect embodiment of ‘American touring’. Shown at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Lake Como, Italy, the BMW Motorrad Concept 101 is a six-cylinder bagger aimed at the American market.

Just like what BMW Motorrad did with the Concept NineT, they have again taken the services of Roland Sands to build the concept, which is based on the K1600 platform. Named to pay homage to the Highway 101 which is close to the BMW Motorrad design house in US of A and design wise, the 1649cc displacement also clocks in at roughly 101 cubic inches.

Edgar Heinrich, Head of BMW Motorrad Design, said about the concept, “The Concept 101 opens up a new chapter in the history of our concept bikes. It is the BMW Motorrad interpretation. Designing this big touring bike study was amazingly exciting for us because we haven’t been involved with a motorcycle concept like this before. To me, the Concept 101 is the epitome of elegance, power and luxury on two wheels,” . Perhaps the most striking features of the Concept 101 are the wood trim panels the sides of the front fairing, fuel tank, and bags. The dual three-tip exhaust, which sweeps all the way to the rear of the motorcycle, is also visually very gripping.

Alongwith the tastefully added carbon fiber and aluminum parts, which not only add to the premium nature of the Concept 101, but also accentuate its performance capabilities. the concept carries many of the K1600’s other features, including the face of the motorcycle, which lends the Concept 101 to likely becoming a production model. 

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