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BMW, Honda and Yamaha collaborates to make motorcycle riding safer

Snapshot: The technology for which the trio has come together will work in such a way that the rider will able to communicate with the vehicles ahead on road.

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In a time when the traffic density of motorcycles is increasing day by day and so are the number of accidents.  Three of the major motorcycle giants has united for a good cause. Honda, Yamaha and BMW have joined hands to develop a life-saving technology for motorcycle riders. There has been many incidents when a single accident resulted in a chain of accidents, if a rider is aware about the traffic behaviour in advance he can be more alert and probability of accidents automatically decreases.

The technology will work in such a way that the rider will able to communicate with the vehicles ahead on road which will send advance warning regarding the traffic ahead, variable road condition and any mishap on the road. The technology is known as Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), while the program on which the three motorcycle companies are working on is called as ‘Connected Motorcycle Consortium.’ All the three companies are now searching for more partners to collaborate and strengthen the project.

The same technology is used in cars, but taking the technology from cars and utilizing the same in motorcycles will be a big deal. Cars have enough space, but when it comes to motorcycles, the space is completely restricted. Do to the limited space, the design have to be smaller, resistant to water and should be reliable enough to work in every possible condition that a motorcycle throws at it. We are really happy to know that some of the biggest pioneers are working towards something like this. What do you think about the same? Share your views with us in the comment section below.