BMW-TVS Code Named K03 will be a Single Cylinder Sub 500cc Bike Completely Engineered by BMW

BMW-TVS Code Named K03 will be a Single Cylinder Sub 500cc Bike Completely Engineered by BMW

Snapshot: A sub 500cc from BMW-TVS Allaince, Oh Yeah!!! Now we are talking!!

BMW Motorrad’s president and CEO, Mr. Stephan Schaller, while speaking to Alan Cathart of Australian Motorcycling magazine has confirmed that the BMW-TVS alliance will manufacture a range of motorcycles based on a all new platform which will be powered by sub-500cc single cyclinder engines. According to Mr. Schaller, the single cylinder as a base for a new global product is a good place to start and that it might be a shared platform between BMW and TVS, where the Hosur based company might use the engine for its own product range.

It was also cleared that the complete engineering of the engine will be done by BMW solely and that the BMW-TVS partnership will see the technical brilliance of the German giant combine with the production excellence of TVS. This means that TVS will be free to utilize the platform for its own range of products to a certain extent.

As Already discussed sometime ago, K03, the codename for the first motorcycle from the BMW-TVS alliance, has already gone under testing Europe and is hugely expected to be showcased at EICMA this year if the project goes as per the schedule. In order to make sure that K03 can be priced aggressively in the global market, including India, it is expected to be manufactured in India either at TVS's Hosur or at Mysore plant, from which it will be exported through the world.

However, after all this exciting confirmations it was rather disappointing when Mr. Schaller mentioned a time interval of next two years, a rather heart achingly long time when more revelations will arrive. He also clarified that unlike KTM and Bajaj, BMW’s partnership with TVS has no financial implications and their cooperation is based on mutual interest in building new products. Continuing further, it was confirmed that BMW has partnered with Chinese company Loncin to produce a second engine, which will be a twin cylinder middleweight category engine and is currently under development.


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