Bosch presents fuel injectors that cost similar to the carburetors

Bosch presents fuel injectors that cost similar to the carburetors

Snapshot: Bosch joins the band wagon to tap the two-wheeler market of Asia, especially India

The two-wheeler market of South East Asia, especially India is seeing double digit growth in the recent times and is expected to reach 150 million by 2020. This probably, can be a major reason for the big players across the globe to come and make a foray in this booming industry. The latest to join this list is Bosch that has developed an electronically controlled fuel injection system that can be adapted to any kind of two-wheeler, hence eradicating carburetors from the market eventually. The new fuel injector, as Bosch states, uses technology that is similar to the port fuel injection system that it has been making for cars.

The good part about this hassle free investment is that it costs as much as your carburetor and is way less prone to give you any kind of trouble. Bosch is also trying to develop a technology that reduces the need for sensors, and offers connectivity functions with two-wheelers that informs riders about average fuel consumption and other vital information on their smartphones. The smartphones will also be able to activate the immobilisers by sending a signal to cut the fuel supply.

This is Bosch's entry into the two-wheeler powertrain segment. Currently, Bosch products for two-wheelers include Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Motorcycle Stability Control Systems.

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on 2014-05-12 02:44:07

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