British Inventor builds a flying bike in his garage

British Inventor builds a flying bike in his garage

Snapshot: Colin Furze, has surprised everyone by building a Hover bike that can actually fly

Colin Furze has stunned the world by building a hover bike in his garage. Maybe some of you already know this young genius because of his incredible inventions and creations like retractable claws just like Marvel’s X-Man Wolverine, an incredibly dangerous jet bike, world’s longest scooter, the fastest ever built pram, 600cc tuk-tuk (auto-rickshaw) and much more.

This week, he revealed its latest and sensational invention- a flying bike. It can be seen that hover-bike only has a frame and two propeller engines but here is no saddle or brake. Fortunately, no one was injured. For some, this could be called a death trap, but obviously not for Colin; although he himself is surprised to still have his legs intact.


The hover bike is controlled as if it was a plane and consequently distributes the weight forward and back, but it is not a fast bike, instead it’s quite the opposite. Considering this is the first attempt to make a hover-bike by Furze, of course, the results are stunning when the vehicle was actually able to fly like that which is shown in the video that is watched by 9 million times that.

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on 2016-05-11 01:01:05

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