CARB Documents tells us - 2016 Ducati 959 Panigale is Coming at EICMA!!

CARB Documents tells us - 2016 Ducati 959 Panigale is Coming at EICMA!!

Snapshot: the baby Ducati superbike is growing up for 2016!!

Ducati seems to be dead serious of making sure that the visitors at EICMA 2015 this November just don't go anywhere else than their stall this year. With a declaration of presenting as many as 9 new models and entering two new market segments where Ducati has never been into means that 2016 might just turn out to be a milestone year for the iconic Italian brand.

Ever since the news broke about these 9 new models, we have been pretty sure that the Ducati Supersport segment might see a new version/upgrade of the brilliant 899 Panigale and the new just released CARB documents reveal that fact that Ducati has registered a 955cc Panigale which should be names 959 Panigale. Knowing that the CARB documents can only be disclosed without the manufacturers consent, we reckon Ducati has no mood to hide the fact that the baby Panigale is growing up for the 2016 model year.

However, at this time it is not known if this is a  new model or an upgrade to the 899 Panigale hardware, in any case this would make sure that Ducati keeps on telling the world that instead of making race legal supersport machines they can actually put a bigger displacement power plant into motorcycles that weigh as much as the smaller capacity race legal Supersports.

We would know about it more as the EICMA 2015 dates come closer. In the meantime check here and wonder with us why Ducati is teasing "This is Black"

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on 2015-09-29 11:41:47

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