'Champion' to be Bajaj Auto's next Commuter brand name?

'Champion' to be Bajaj Auto's next Commuter brand name?

Snapshot: In what might be Bajaj Auto's biggest attempt in wining back its lost market share, 'Champion' seems to be the best name!!!

It has become a well known news now that Bajaj Auto is getting ready to launch an entirely new commuter brand in the market that will, in future, replace the Discover brand. Our friends at MotorOctane are reporting that this all new commuter brand by Bajaj will be launched by the brand name, 'Champion'. The Champion name has been a part of Bajaj Auto's motorcycle history in India and it comes from the times when the Pune based motorcycle behemoth used to sell the very capable Kawasaki Bajaj 4S Champion in the Indian market.

It is also being reported that the codename for the new brand of commuter back in the corridors of Bajaj Auto's R&D is, 'Brand X'. As already reported, the rumoured all new commuter brand will launch with a 150cc model that will utilize Discover's 150cc range of engine, however for the new brand, the engine will be tuned for better fuel efficiency. After, the launch of the new 150cc commuter, the rumoured, 'Champion' brand will launch a 125cc model and the model is said to be the same that has been spied in recent times.  

With Bajaj Auto finally finding its foot back in the Indian market and earning back a large art of market share it lost in last couple or so years, it should be interesting to not how Bajaj positions it's new range in between the Pulsar and the Discover range of bikes. Also, it would be a tough ask for Bajaj to replace a brand like Discover in the future since the brand finds a lot of connect with the Indian customers and to make it work, the new brand will not oly have to be a better range of product, but also will have to be as value for money and aesthetically pleasing to make the Discover brands retirement an evolutionary step.

Another interesting bit of news that is coming in hovers around the Avenger brand of cruisers from Bajaj Auto, where it is being rumoured that Bajaj is working on a higher capacity Avenger that will be launched in the year 2016 itself in the Indian market. Adding to it, with an expected arrival of the all new commuter brand by Bajaj Auto in the Indian market scheduled sometime in March 2016, the rumours surrounding the possible unveil of the Pulsar CS400 by Bajaj just a day before the Auto Expo 2016 might well be correct!

Stay tuned with us as we scratch more news out for you regarding the developments on this!



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on 2016-01-25 12:45:34

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