Chinese auto maker patents a design fully copied from MV Agusta Rivale

Chinese auto maker patents a design fully copied from MV Agusta Rivale

Snapshot: The copied design is tagged as YX300C6C and is said to be a 300cc motorcycle

It is rather not wise to copy somebody else’s design and naming it your own. But rules are different if you are living in China. It is perhaps a trend to blatantly copy international standard stuff and make a Chinese version of it.  In China you will find replicas of almost everything from iPhones to luxury cars. Chinese are famous for replicating the original and making a cheap version of the same.

We all know that Chinese has copied BMW’s, Ducati, Honda and every other major brand and so we were not shocked to know that recently a Chinese automaker patents a motorcycle that fully resembles to that of the iconic MV Agusta Rivale.  The patent motorcycle is reported to be a 300cc, while the original MV Agusta Rivale runs on a 798cc engine that churns out monstrous 125bhp of raw power. The copied Rivale is tagged as YX300C6C and from the snapshots it is visibly wrapped around rather cheap and less exotic internals. We believe that making rip-offs like this is disrespect to those who put their sheer talent and hard work behind creating original stuff. These Chinese automakers clearly lack designing skills and this is the reason why we come across Chinese rip-off stuff time after time. 

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on 2015-07-06 10:29:02

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