Closer Look at Victory's Entry into 2015 TT Zero Electric Race Bike

Closer Look at Victory's Entry into 2015 TT Zero Electric Race Bike

Snapshot: Aint she a beauty, electric gorgeousness on two wheels!

As previously talked about, the Victory's bet for the dominance at the Electric round of IMOTT 2015, the 2015 TT Zero is indeed the Brammo's Empulse RR race bike. Ever since Brammo came under the ownership of Victory Motorcycles, we have been following their TT Zero participation closely.

We reported earlier that Victory and Brammo have carried out some improvements on the Empulse RR race bike mainly on the front of motor, which is new and then a rework of the aero dynamics have also been the main areas of upgrades. The new motor provided by the company called the Parker GVM internal  and the motor's permanent magnet now features new windings, which results in decrease of power output from 173hp for 150hp, in order to improve the system efficiency. The quoted peak torque figure is still over 200Nm though.

Battery capacity is up 20% as well, now good enough juice on board of 17 kWh of. As expected, aerodynamic tweaks have been made to the Victory race bike since first time it was previewed. The biggest change is the front fairing extensions, which have been riveted into place and extend the bike’s frontal surface area.

With 120 mph the goal to beat this year, the TT Zero entries are getting properly fast, especially when you consider that they don’t have the benefit of a flying lap.

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on 2015-06-10 05:56:36

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