CS Santosh out from 2016 Dakar

CS Santosh out from 2016 Dakar

Snapshot: A broken navigation tower and busted electricals resulted in elimination of CS Santosh from the 2016 Dakar.

We are deeply disheartened to announce that CS Santosh is out from the 2016 Dakar due to major issue related to electricals on his Suzuki 450 Rally motorcycle. Also the navigation tower on his bike was busted making it impossible for the rider to continue his battle in the Dakar Rally this year.

The Red Bull factory rider started his journey in the 2016 Dakar from the 127th position from stage 2nd and managed to upgrade to 97th on the same day. After that he further improved his position and finished 61st in the stage 3rd that further took him to an overall 79th position in the rally.

Then came the most challenging stage, the stage 4 which was a marathon stage that means the rider himself had to repair all the damage on the motorcycle without any help from the mechanics. Santosh seemed to be battling through the odds on the stage 4 and finished 2hr 45min behind the winner of the stage. Santsoh could not continue the day after because all the damage to the motorcycle was completely impossible to repair for Santosh.

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on 2016-01-07 11:04:57

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