Dainese - the official safety partner of the Isle of Man TT

Dainese - the official safety partner of the Isle of Man TT

Snapshot: The world's most respected motorsport event starts in less than a week and Dainese is all set to give maximum protection to it

The Isle of Man TT is indeed the most spectacular motorsport event of the entire calendar year. The highly risky and challenging 37 mile long course needs not only the authorities, but also the volunteers to make it a smooth one. Despite all the precautions taken, things do go wrong, but little can be done in that situation. For the situations that can be avoided, Dainese is all prepared. It is Dainese's  seventh year as the Official Safety Partner after signing a two year contract with the authorities in 2013.

The race needs the marshals going flat out in case of an emergency and they need to be as equipped as the racers. To provide maximum protection to the marshals, trying to reach the scene of the incidents, Dainese will provide all the eight marshals a fully equipped one-piece suit , gloves, boots and back protection for the complete two weeks the island is going to be on its toes.

Dainese has been made famous over the years by legendary riders over the years like Giacomo Agostini, Barry Sheene, Kevin Schwantz, Valentino Rossi and Guy Martin to name a few.

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