Dakar Rally by Yamaha with Paper!!

Dakar Rally by Yamaha with Paper!!

Snapshot: Lets play Dakar Rally with paper!!

Yamaha is known to be a powerhouse Motorcycle Manufacturer, with its technology, and fierce racing history Yamaha has brought to the world some of the most iconic motorcycles of all time. The Yamaha line-up consists of motorcycle for every type of a human there can possibly be, from hard core commuters to true blue track ripping monsters, Yamaha has it all in its arsenal. However, Yamaha, is also known for its rather incredible papercraft projects which are perhaps the most unique marketing pieces to come from any of the motorcycle manufacturers, and they are also some of the most impressive.

Focusing on the Dakar Rally, Yamaha has made a set of papercraft rally raid machines, complete with riders and scenery. As usual, the whole set is downloadable in PDF form (you can make both the 1995 Yamaha XTZ850R and the awesome 2014 Yamaha YZ450F), for you to try your hand at the tedious style of artwork.

Be forewarned though, the models are extensive including even a complete frame, knobby wheels, and other details. You’ll need A4, an exacto knife, glue, and a steady hand before you download the model sets. Sure if , if you can pull it off, it will we one incredible piece of art for your table top, and we would like to get the pictures and will we more than happy to share them with our readers.

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on 2015-01-05 11:29:32

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