Drool Alert! 20th Anniversary Celebration Custom Build Yamaha XJR1300 - it roCkS!bikes

Drool Alert! 20th Anniversary Celebration Custom Build Yamaha XJR1300 - it roCkS!bikes

Snapshot: it roCkS!bikes celebrates the 20 years of XJR1300 by building a custom bike.

Can the celebrations get any better than this? The Yamaha XJR 1300 has completed 20 years of making and Portuguese custom bike builders – it roCkS!bikes has given a tribute by building the custom café racer CS-06 Dissident. The owners of the shop -  Osvaldo Coutinho and Alexandre Santos have been making custom bikes since 2013 and ‘monocoque’ one-piece tank, seat and tail units is what they specialize in.

The modified bike is no different and uses their signature style. Dissident uses a single piece monocoque (which has been hand crafted) construction for the tank, seat and tail unit. The monocoque unit gets bolted on the minimally modified original chassis. The single piece construction stretches all the way from the triple clamp to the tail of the bike.  

The modified café racer bike borrows the upside down forks from the sports bike -  YZF-R1, which are modified to accommodate the XJR1300 steering column. The bike retains the original engine, which has been modified only slightly to include a glass window to provide a look into the heart. There are shining aluminum covers that cover head of the engine. The power output of the engine is the same but handmade 4-2 stainless steel exhaust provides a unique roar. The stock oil cooler has been replaced with high performance oil cooler too.

A host of other features include – LSL clip-on café racer bars, M-Blaze turn signals, Aluminum grips and Motoscope pro dashboard. There’s an ISR braking system that includes a master cylinder for the operation of 6 piston brake calipers and clutch. The braking system from ISR also includes massive 340mm front discs, 267mm rear discs. Steel mesh brake and clutch hoses are from Hel Performance.

The aftermarket foot pegs are from LSL, the small hand-made fairing at the front mount the headlamp in small recess. A touch of class is provided by the ‘Monza’ gas cap made out of aluminum with integrated tuning fork symbol ‘medallion’ atop the gas tank. The leather seat is a piece of art too which clips onto the monocoque frame. There are no alloy wheels here and the bike runs on 17” tubeless Kineo spoke rims that use Pirelli angel GT tyres. 

The paint job on the bike as unique as it can get. The paint scheme in white, black and gold along with the speed blocks pay a perfect tribute to the heydays of the 70’s and 80’s. If you like the café racer and own XJR 1300, you can take the Dissident parts from it roCkS!bikes directly to personalize your own bikes. 

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