Drool Alert: The Honda's mythical V4 racer Prototype finally Unveiled - the 'RC213V-S'!!!

Drool Alert: The Honda's mythical V4 racer Prototype finally Unveiled - the 'RC213V-S'!!!

Snapshot: FInally - the moment we have been waiting for since ages, the Honda RC213V-S show up at EICMA!!!!

Ladies and Gentleman, what you see here is the Mythical Honda V4 Moto GP inspired racer we have been waiting for, talking about, praying to thy lord for since ages. 

By far the most anticipated motorcycle preview at the EICMA 2014, and considering the like of the unveil of Iconic products from Legendary marquees like the Ducati 1299 Panigale trio (The Base Version, The 'S' Version and then the top of the line 'R' version), MV Agusta's 210bhp beast of a homologation special F4 RC SBK, or the fastest from zero to cult status Kawasaki Ninja H2R  or the just unveiled Yamaha YZF-R1 and the YZF-R1M, saying that we have waited without moving, with our eyes wide open and ears all eager, speaks volumes of the significance the RC213V-S holds in the motorcycling fraternity.

Honda has finally debuted its road-going MotoGP bike, dubbed the Honda RC213V-S. Still officially considered a prototype (along with the Honda Africa Twin off-road machine), the RC213V-s is essentially what you would imagine, an RC213V Moto GP bike with lights.

Brought onto the EICMA stage by none other than the two-time reigning champion Marc Marquez, the RC213V-S is a stunner in its pure carbon fairings, but we think the Japanese flag livery on the static machine takes the cake.

Honda isn’t talking specs at this time, and hopefully we will know more by the time the Tokyo Motor Show rolls around. So, we’ll just have to drool over these photos until then. Check them out!

We have dreamnt about it, talked about it and prayed about the Honda RC213V-S!!!!

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