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DSK Benelli launches their first exclusive dealership in Madhya Pradesh at Indore

Snapshot: This exclusive dealership is situated in a plush locale at Plot No 10/B-1/B/S-6 Scheme no. 78 AB Road, Indore.

The legendary Italian superbike brand Benelli has been active in India for couple of months now, and with time the brand is expanding its reach all over the country. DSK-Benelli has comeup with an all new dealership at the Indore city; this is an exclusive DSK-Benelli dealership as its being the first dealership in the state of Madhya Pradesh.  This exclusive dealership is situated in a plush locale at Plot No 10/B-1/B/S-6 Scheme no. 78 AB Road, Indore. The showroom showcases the full range of DSK-Benelli superbikes line-up in India. The exclusive DSK-Benelli range of motorcycles is available under the dealership of ‘Shiva Motowheels’.  

Speaking on the launch, Shirish Kulkarni, Chairman, DSK Motowheels said, “It gives us immense pleasure to be associated with ‘Shiva Motowheels’. The philosophy with which we operate is in tandem with the ethos of our Indore dealer. The employees at DSK Benelli – Indore have been provided with specialised training in management of sales, service, spare parts and customer service, to ensure that customers can enjoy best-in-class ownership experience. Keeping in mind the global standards, we are also glad to announce that all the DSK Benelli showrooms across India, including DSK Benelli – Indore are the first set of showrooms worldwide to meet the International CI standards of Benelli global showrooms.”

The new showroom houses the sporty-looking Tornado Naked Tre, or TNT superbikes that encompass the TNT 300 – In-line two-cylinder 300cc engine, TNT 600i  - In-line four-cylinder 600cc engine, TNT 600 GT - In-line four-cylinder 600cc engine, TNT 899 - In-line, three-cylinder 898cc engine and TNT R - In-line, three-cylinder 1131cc engine. DSK-Benelli has done a tremendous job by launching their entire line-up at a very competitive price tag reason being the company is following the CKD route to bring down their motorcycle in India. And the assembling is done in the country itself that helped the manufacturer to price their line-up more efficiently against the Indian competition.

14 countries and 6 months on a DSK Benelli TNT 600i..!!


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