DSK Motowheels - will bring 'Keeway' brand to India!

DSK Motowheels - will bring 'Keeway' brand to India!

Snapshot: After Hyosung and the iconic Italian brand, Benelli, DSK Motowheels is all set to introduce their third brand in India in "Keeway'!

DSK group, seems to have a pretty clear plan for its automotive divisions future. First taking over the reins from the Garware group to get Hyosung operations working in a better harmony, then surprising everyone by bringing historic Italia brand Benelli to India as DSK-Benelli collaboration, DSK group has taken some very brave yet interesting steps already. While we reported that DSK has plans to invest Rs. 400 Crore in a manufacturing plant at Pune, and at that time we expected that DSK will shift production of both its collaborations, Hyosung and Benelli, to that plant.

Now, we are getting news that the company has set its eyes on bringing the Chinese brand Keeway to Indian shores as well. With plans of a manufacturing plant coming up at Pune, Keeway would be suit as their third motorcycle brand introduction in the country. Keeway and Benelli although separate brands are under the umbrella of the Qianjiang Group of China.

The Keeway brand boasts an extensive line-up of motorcycles, scooters, EVs, ATVs with engines from 50 cc up to 600 cc. DSK Motowheels would be introducing the Keeway brand in India starting with the Blackster cruiser, which is powered by a 249 cc air-cooled V-twin that produces 19.4 bhp and 18.7 Nm of torque and uses a 5-speed transmission.

Expect the Keeway brand to be introduced to India shortly after the commercial launch of Benelli motorcycles range that includes the TNT 302, TNT600i, TNT600GT, TNT899, TNT1130R. While the Benelli brand would get its separate identity from DSK Hyosung with its own set of dealerships, its yet unclear how the Keeway brand would be placed and introduced to the market.

We might just have craked DSK-Benelli pricing for India!!

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