DSK-Benelli Line-Up Bookings to Open on 10th March 2015

DSK-Benelli Line-Up Bookings to Open on 10th March 2015

Snapshot: The date when the bookings commences for the DSK-Benelli line up has been decalred....

After what seems like a long long wait we finally got a date from DSK-Benelli from when we can book our own Benelli. At IBW 2015 Benelli showcased its entire range along with three new models that will be launching later this year. Benelli also declared that the bookings will open from March 10th, 2015 while the prices of the DSK-Benelli line-up will be declared on March 19th, 2015. DSK Benelli will commence sales of their bikes in India through 9 dealerships at the start, expanding to more cities in the coming months.

The launch lineup will consists of the TNT 300, TNT 899, TNT GT, TNT 600i and TNT 1130. The KEEWAY BLACKSTER, TREK 1130 and the TNT 250, exhibited at the event, are all slated for a launch later in 2015.

We Expect to see DSK-Benelli pricing their products at a very aggressive price, atleast in the initial phase to gather market share. Benelli is an iconic motorcycle manufacturer however, for the Indian masses Benelli is more or less an absolutely unknown brand, also there is a fact that the Benelli bikes can be considered to be the last of the thoroughbred raw untamed type of motorcycles, especially the  three cylinder short stroke hooligans, the TNT899 and the TNT 1130, that means that none of the Benelli bikes comes with the now standard electronic safety packages and that does command a lesser price tag than the competition.

With Ducati about to restart their operation in India on March 18th, 2015. Benelli already has its hands full in competing with the much larger and much more famous European and Japanese brands. Pricing aggressively its products, DSK-Benelli will get a leverage to deal with its weak points in fame and technology, if they undercut the competition significantly in Pricing.

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