DSK-Benelli Off to a Brilliant start, Over 300 Booking within a week from Launch

DSK-Benelli Off to a Brilliant start, Over 300 Booking within a week from Launch

Snapshot: Oh Boy!!! Benelli strikes its first blow in premium motorcycle segment, over 300 bookings with in a week of launch!!!!

The Italian exotic motorcycle manufacturer has found love in the hearts of Indian customers and if there were any doubts about Benelli's acceptance in India, they have vaporized now. An idea that is nothing short of revolutionary, DSK-Motowheels bringing Benelli to India was both a risky and a brave step, for this maker of some of the most stunning motorcycles on the planet, isn't quite known beyond the realms of passionate bikers hearts.

However, like the famous MotoGP saying goes "When the lights go off, Talks Stop" and it fits perfectly to Benelli's innings in India as the company has registered more than 300 bookings within a week after it launched its bikes at the might India Bike Week in late February, 2015. As per DSK-Benelli "These bookings substantiate the growth of Indian superbike industry by leaps and bounds. The registrations have been done across all nine DSK Benelli showrooms in the country i.e. Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Amdavad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Goa".

DSK-Motowheels has been a pioneer in bringing to India, some of the most well suited motorcycles in previous years. Whether it be the hugely successful DSK-Hyosung venture that has seen sales more than the American legendary brand Harley Davidson year on year or the recently launched DSK-Benelli business, this company knows the pulse of the market better than most of the big names of the industry. The Benelli portfolio was launched in the country with much grandeur in Mumbai on March 19, 2015, consisting of the iconic true hooligan and probably the last of the true blue raw motorcycles, the TNT899 and TNT1130. Also, there are three models in the form of the TNT 300 – In-line two cylinder 300cc engine, TNT 600i – In-line four cylinder 600cc engine, TNT 600 GT – In-line four cylinder 600cc engine.

Stay with us as we bring you more news regarding the DSK-Benelli and its story in India.

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