DSK-Benelli targeting localised Suspension and Braking System!

DSK-Benelli targeting localised Suspension and Braking System!

Snapshot: DSK-Benelli preparing itself to take the price fight to the competition!!

It is just a matter of days when the pricing of the DSK-Benelli Line-up is announced, and so does the 8 locations where the first dealers for DSK-Benelli will come up in the country. As the country waits for the Iconic Italian century old brand to go on sale here in India, DSK-Benelli is working overtime to price the products where they can make a mark to the reign of the established players.

Now, in order to increase the local content to a level where the economies meet the quality expectations and according to a report in Shifting Gears, Benelli is looking to localize certain critical components like suspension and braking systems. Instead of importing expensive components from suppliers like Marzocchi, Brembo, etc, the company is reportedly planning to source components of same specifications from within India.

The systems sourced will be available with Benelli branding. This move would go a long way in reducing the cost which in turn is expected to result in a competitive pricing. Benelli not only wants to compete with the likes of Triumph and Kawasaki who assemble most of their products locally but looks to have an edge over them when it comes to pricing.

Another advantage of locally sourced high-performance components is that servicing and replacing of the components would not cost an arm and a leg. However, it remains to be seen whether DSK-Benelli will have a high local content right from day one. The JV is expected to launch its line-up in India very soon, which includes the TNT 1130, TNT 899, 600 GT, 600i and BN 302.

We do hope that this step will keep the brilliant handling and performance of the Benelli's that they are famous for, and same goes with the feel for owning true blue Italian exotic.

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on 2014-12-05 04:57:47

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