Dual channel ABS spied on Bajaj pulsar RS200

Dual channel ABS spied on Bajaj pulsar RS200

Snapshot: Bajaj Pulsar RS200 to be the first Indian bike to be equipped dual channel ABS

Few images shared by Mr.Rajat from Bike Advice shows that the new Bajaj Pulsar RS200 to be equipped with Dual channel ABS. One of the pictures reveals that RS stands for (Race Sport). Some of the features that are visible from these images are silver foot pegs, O-ring chain, compact stubby exhaust and a saree guard. Till date it was assumed that pulsar will get a single channel ABS or this feature won’t be present at all. 

But clearing the smoke these showroom images proves that Bajaj Pulsar RS200 will be the first Indian bike to get Dual channel ABS. Icing on the cake are the new tires, this bike will also get MRF Revz which are way better than Eurogrips (that were present in the Pulsar 200NS) in terms of performance and looks. Dealers that were contacted by Bikeportal said that they were accepting bookings for INR 5,000. 

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on 2015-03-23 12:44:22

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