Ducati 1199 grows up – The 1299 Cometh!!

Ducati 1199 grows up – The 1299 Cometh!!

Snapshot: For 2014, Ducati is giving the Panigale a bit of a model update

Yes Yes, we know the drill! 195 Bhp is just too much for normal road usage for a Motorcycle, we all know that, but then there are bragging rights and the right to know who the boss in a meeting is. Product desirability and improvement is one constant job, even iconic companies like Ducati need to be ever so ready to bring new interesting changes to their motorcycle portfolio to keep their stunning momentum in these tough times intact.

For 2014, Ducati is giving the Panigale a bit of a model update, and thanks to an ill-framed photo from the Ducati North America dealers’ meeting, we know that the new superbike would be called by 1299 designation.

The 1299 and 1299S will get a 100cc increase in displacement. The displacement increase will come from a longer stroke to the engine, which should surprise no one considering the “Superquadro” engine name roughly means “over-square” in Italian. With the 1199 Panigale already the lightest superbike on the market, the Italians are certainly not giving up any performance in the power-to-weight ratio department. Ducati’s new philosophy regarding street-going sport bikes is to take advantage of the company’s ability to make very light machines off a v-twin platform.

No doubt, this would mean that a 1299R is also coming, but due to WSBK homologation rule constraints, the 1299 will use a lot of material and parts from the 1199 but with nomenclature of 1299. If this confuses you, do not fret, Ducati has a tendency to come out with confusing nomenclature all the time, while the good thing is, we will be seeing another astonishing spec sheet sooner than later from Ducati.


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on 2014-10-17 01:34:40

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