Ducati brings Variable Valve Timing - World’s first for Motorcycles!!

Ducati brings Variable Valve Timing - World’s first for Motorcycles!!

Snapshot: Ducati, today unveiled their new technological marvel ‘DVT’ or ‘Desmodromic Valve Timing

That Genius little company in the Motor valley of Italy has done it again. Ducati is famous to create new unheard-of segments unexpectedly with groundbreaking products and technology, whether it be, the legendary Desmodromic Valves, or the models like Multistrada, which redefined motorcycling, our to bring to light the technological milestone the 1199 Panigale is. Ducati has, it seems, an uncanny habit of pulling out great surprises on regular basis.

Ducati, today unveiled their new technological marvel ‘DVT’ or ‘Desmodromic Valve Timing’ and to showcase that technology (borrowed from Volkswagen), Ducati has produced the first motorcycle engine with variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust camshafts. The Engine, which is now called Ducati Testastretta DVT engine and it will first feature on the New Ducati Multistrada 2015. Incorporating this technology on the engine would mean, Ducati will be able to optimize the new engine for peak power at high rpms, while maintaining rideability and smoothness at lower rpms — not to mention keeping with emission and noise regulations throughout the rev range.

Ducati says that the “DVT system consists of an external housing, rigidly connected to the cam belt pulley, and an internal mechanism which is connected to the camshaft and can independently rotate inside the housing.”

“This rotation of the internal mechanism, either in advance or in delay with respect to the housing, is precisely controlled by varying the oil pressure in special chambers of the mechanism. The oil pressure is adjusted by dedicated valves and the timing of each cam is dynamically controlled by a sensor located in the cam covers.” Other changes include Ducati targeting the fuel injectors to spray directly onto the rear of the hot intake valve, instead of the colder surface of the intake port wall. All these technology advancement, make the 1,198cc v-twin more powerful which now puts out 160hp and 100 lbs•ft of torque, all while reducing fuel consumption by 8%.

It seems, now the Audi tech is now permeating into the R&D centre at Borgo Panigale and this might just be a precursor of more news that is incredible and new age technology coming out from Ducati.

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