Ducati releases a comic strip badged as 'Presented by Scrambler'

Ducati releases a comic strip badged as 'Presented by Scrambler'

Snapshot: The Italian motorcycle manufacturer might be teasing more information on the smaller Scrambler via this comic strip, stay tuned for more updates on the same!

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has released a comic strip named as 'The Adventures of Bart & Betty' badged with ‘presented by Scrambler’ tag on the top right corner of the comic book. Good news is, Ducati might be teasing information about the smaller 400cc Scrambler which will be one of the nine new motorcycles scheduled to be showcased by the iconic Italian motorcycle manufacturer next month at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy.

Till date Ducati was beyond reach for many of the motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. On the other hand if Scrambler 400 is rightly priced, the new smaller Scrambler will prove to be a more accessible Ducati for motorcyclists all around the world.

Ducati said in a press release and on its Scrambler Facebook page:

A new Land of Joy story is about to be told: the story of skater Bart and beautiful Betty. After Franco and Elvira, the hand-built, animated plasticine stars of a stop motion video, a new “love story” is about to happen in the Land of Joy, this time in the form of a comic strip.

Two more special friends just joined the Land of Joy.
Please meet Bart & Betty!
He's a skater and she's a BMXer. Over the coming weeks we'll get to know them better through their story!
They may have a little Scrambler news for us....
Who knows!
Stay tuned!!

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