Ducati Scrambler- Concept by Gannet!

Ducati Scrambler-  Concept by Gannet!

Snapshot: It was about time the CUstom Concept art for the sensational Ducati Scrambler arrived!!

The significance and the stature Ducati Scrambler has attained without even a single bike is even delivered to customers, is a huge sign of how big a hit this ode to simple olden times by Ducati already has become. All, and everywhere in the know, people are talking about this little Ducati. Designed to pay respect to the great 60's and to the take the mantle from the Iconic Monster series especially the air cooled 796 as the entry level true Ducati for the masses.

Ducati scrambler as we have noted a few days ago might just  be the most significant motorcycle launch since the turn of the new century. Ducati just hosted its international press launch and the bike reviews are starting to roll out from various publications, and this had made this retro classic Ducati talk of the town. All this press, aided by Ducati’s extensive marketing rollout ahead of the launch, has caused the Scrambler to catch the imaginations of many riders. This is of course to design, as Ducati would love to see the Scrambler become a favourite platform for modders and customizers.

The Ducati Scrambler also caught the eye of concept artist Gannet Design, whose work is well known among the modders and the customizers and so does the followers of new ideas for their motorcycles. The concepts are interesting, and true to the scrambler notion of riding. The coloured-spoked wheels are just sumptuos, though the mismatched rear wheel setup doesn’t catch our eye too well.

The trellis rear subframe looks a little forced to our eyes as well, paying perhaps too much homage to Ducati’s sacred cows and design language. Still, the designs are interesting, and we are sure they will serve as fuel for the wonderment of some lucky Ducati Scrambler owners.


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on 2014-12-19 02:59:07

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