Ducati Scrambler - Production Begins at Italy!

Ducati Scrambler - Production Begins at Italy!

Snapshot: Production of Ducati Scrambler begins, WE WANT IT!!!

Ducati, this little company from the motor valley of Italy has a history of creating segments never heard of. From the Multi Strada's to the Diavel's, and to the first time the monster's came along, Ducati has always had a nick to come out and surprise the world. Looking back at history, barring the Streetfighter model range (which came way before its time) almost all of the Ducati's out of the box endeavours have been great success both in terms of sales and creating a name for the brand in the hearts and souls of Motorcyclists throughout the world.

Production of the Ducati Scrambler began yesterday in Borgo Panigale, marking the rebirth of the model in Ducati’s line-up and the start of Bologna’s new “Scrambler Ducati” brand and line. The Ducati Scrambler marks many changes for the Italian company, which has been abashed in its pursuit of younger, let’s say more hip, motorcyclists with the Ducati Scrambler line.

Bologna has even gone as far as to make the Scrambler is own brand, with the “Scrambler Ducati” branding being used both on bike materials, as well as on the model’s accompanying lifestyle clothing. Distinctly debuting the Scrambler with its beach-themed “Land of Joy” displays, Ducati’s vibe with the 803cc machine is a stark contrast from the other models, the bike even exclusively resides on the scramblerducati.com website, instead of on Ducati’s homepage.

What that signals down the road for the Scrambler brand isn’t entirely clear. Could we see more Scrambler by Ducati models in the future, besides the 803cc model we have now, say models below 500cc?

That would certainly be an interesting turn of events, and with enough asterisks it could happen and keep Claudio Domenicali true to his word regarding whether Ducati would ever make small-displacement machines for developing markets. With fingers crossed behind his back, maybe the “Scrambler Ducati” brand will. It might be unassuming in stature, pricing, and features, yet could mean big things for the Italian brand. Stay tuned.

Look what the World said about the Ducati Scrambler at EICMA!!!!

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