Ducati Scrambler 'Scratch' Concept by Officine Mermaid

Ducati Scrambler 'Scratch' Concept by Officine Mermaid

Snapshot: This concept is all about going back to basics...having only the stuff that's needed

The concept named 'Scratch' based on the Ducati Scrambler was among one of the three custom Ducati Scrambler designs that were presented at the Verona Motorbike Show. The concept see the original Scrambler stripped down to only the bare essential pieces of metal, and has been especially treated to make it  look more rustic than the original bike, and Dario Mastroianni and his crew have made it sure that it shouts out to the hipster in you.

Dario Mastroianni, Customiser at Officine Mermaid said, “We decided to customize the Ducati Scrambler because we immediately earmarked it as a uniquely convertible Italian bike. We’ve infused it with our unmistakeable Officine Mermaid style, with a kind of rough-and-ready look that’s spartan and basic. We named it using the English word Scratch, to convey the idea of it being scraped or damaged. This can be seen straight away from the fuel tank, which we stripped of paint and treated by hand – a procedure we use only on our most exclusive bikes.”

“The metal mudguards have been left rough and then hand-brushed at the workshop. We’ve left only what is essential on the bike – anything that wasn’t necessary has been eliminated. Even the exhaust, for example, while derived from the original, has been reduced to a minimum. For the front we’ve chosen a traditional stanchion fork with a wide 21” wheel and an 18” wheel at the back, while the saddle and handlebars are made of vintage green leather with a decidedly Western style. Our Scratch has a main rally-style headlight and a smaller lateral spotlight,” Mastroianni concluded.

Looking at the way this concept looks, we are desperate to lay our hands on a scrambler of our own and do some work on it ourselves!


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on 2015-02-02 04:05:31

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