Ducati Scrambler SC-Rumble by Ducati- Pirelli is for the Mad Max world!!

Ducati Scrambler SC-Rumble by Ducati- Pirelli is for the Mad Max world!!

Snapshot: Now that is what we call Stunning!!!!!

What comes to your mind, when we say, Ducati and Pirelli in a single sentence? Yes, these two Italian giants of their own fields have been in partnership since long and to honour this relationship Ducati and Pirelli took services of Vibrazioni Art Design, to do customization on the Ducati Scrambler and the result was this stunningly raw avatar of the Scrambler that wouldn't have looked out of place in the new Mad Max movie. The concept has been named as SC-Rumble.

The SC Rumble, which is based on the Ducati Scrambler bears a rubber sheet which is laser inscribed with the tread pattern of the Pirelli MT-60 RS tires on each side of the gas tank alongwith the Scrambler logo. Continuing with the basic minimalism of the Scrambler, Vibrazioni Art Design managed to give the bike a more warlike personality and a partiality for dusty, dirt roads. The “SC-Rumble” keeps the factory equipment Pirelli MT 60 RS tires mounted on solid wheels. The factory frame was shortened at the rear and all the original superstructures were removed in favour of a monocoque frame made from recycled industrial sheet metal bins, hand hammered and shaped maintaining the original colours. The monocoque frame was then painted with a glossy finish polyurethane clearcoat in order to accentuate its shine and to give the surface a look which is smooth to the touch.

At the front, the top fairing also gets a hand work job of aluminium in side panels, housing of the billet aluminum headlight, with a smoked lens that has a circular LED light guide inside which is inspired by the factory Ducati Scrambler headlight. The high exhaust is based on the dedicated Termignoni aftermarket model with a hand-crafted silencer.

Interestingly, the stock handlebars have been replaced by flatter and sportier handlebar from the Street Fighter, while hand painted Ducati Scrambler is written as decorations around one side of  the tank while on the other side in an effort to glorify the texture of the Pirelli MT 60 RS tire tread pattern the customizers have laser inscribed on nitride rubber and applied within the body of the tank itself.

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