Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 arrives at Thailand, Priced at 4.55 Lakhs!

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 arrives at Thailand, Priced at 4.55 Lakhs!

Snapshot: As We wait for the bikes launch in India, Thailand feasts its eyes on the same 2015 Thailand Motor Expo ...

It is inching closer home now :) Ever since Ducati finally unveiled the hugely anticipated smaller Scrambler 400 and called it the Scrambler Sixty2, we have been waiting to see the bike hitting Indian showroom floors, though there might be a catch when it comes that we will talk about it later) but it is a beautiful sight to see Scrambler Sixty2 reaching the 2015 Thailand Motor Expo and with a price tag of INR 4.55 Lakhs (£6,450). This should mean that the Scrambler Sixty will be price below its main competitor (in niche value) in India, the Harley Davidson Street 750.

Considering the Scrambler Icon costs 369000 Thai Baht at Thailand which roughly translates to INR6.7 lakhs in India which is around the same price which the Scrambler Icon commands in India, thus it will be interesting to see what price tag the Scrambler Sixty2 arrives at Thailand market with. Though we aren't expecting much of a price difference between the Scrambler's since the Sixty2 and the bigger Scrambler Icon have been priced at a difference of just £500 in UK market.

The Scrambler Sixty2 benefits from the way it looks almost similar to the bigger Scrambler Icon and that is including its engine architecture of both bikes. The 399cc Sixty2 essentially being  a re-sleeved version of the 803cc unit found on the Scrambler Icon. The smaller motor which is an air cooled L-twin desmodromic , 2 valve per head unit from the now defunct Ducati Monster 795, that produces 41bhp@8750rpm while the peak torque arrives at 34.6Nm@8000 rpm. The motor is paired to a six-speed gearbox.

However, regarding the arrival of the Scrambler Sixty2 in India, it is still unsure if Ducati will actually bring the bike to the country or not. The major reason being the import rules suggesting that a two wheeler below 600cc cannot be imported in india, thus to launch the Scrambler Sixty2 in India, Ducati will have to take the CKD route, and if it is indeed going for that channel, it would mean that Ducati should bring the other bikes too from that route into India from Thailand plant.

There has been no update by Ducati on the same as of now.

Watch the Scrambler Launch Video to feel the 'Cool' factor Scrambler Sixty2 has got in bucket loads.....


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