Ducati Scrambler - the Concept by Mr. Martini is a Cafe Racer

Ducati Scrambler - the Concept by Mr. Martini is a Cafe Racer

Snapshot: The Ducati Scrambler was designed for the Customiser in you, no doubt the custom builders are loving it...

Mr. Martini, the famous Italian boutique house known for its brilliant one of take on motorcycles to create moving piece of art has come out with a concept for the Ducati Scrambler on a cafe racer ideology. Shown at the Verona Motor Bike Expo, the “Scrambler Café Racer” by Mr. Martini is exactly what the name implies: a cafe racer styled scrambler motorcycle. Mr. Martini in his take on the Scrambler design  has appropriately added a high-mount exhaust to his “scrambler” and retained the Scrambler’s Pirelli knobby tires. What makes interesting is the addition of a cafe racer fairing which makes the concept to exist in between a scrambler design and a cafe racer design, the two iconic staples of motorcycle custom scene throughput the globe.

Nicola Martini, of Mr. Martini said about the concept,  “I decided to take part in the project because I was fascinated by the idea of working with this Italian brand and in particular by the opportunity of working with the young, dynamic and easygoing Scrambler team. Thanks to the bike’s versatility, I decided to revolutionise the basic concept, from Ducati Scrambler to Café Racer,” said “The style is reminiscent of American rather than British design, owing partly to the fact that the roots of the original Ducati Scrambler project date from the seventies. Although the style is that of a Café Racer, this bike has a combination of elements that make it unique; In fact, details such as the high exhaust and knobby tyres retain a decidedly Ducati Scrambler flavour.

“This fusion gave our bike its name: S.C.R. – Scrambler Café Racer. We’ve changed the nose fairing, the tail-piece, the whole of the exhaust, the foot-peg and handlebar mountings and the rear suspension unit and have, of course, given the bike a new colour. The Scrambler Café Racer is in ‘total black’ including the saddle, undertail and timing belt covers.”

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on 2015-02-02 03:22:13

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