EBR bankrupt, Hero HX250R may not make it even until 2015 end

EBR bankrupt, Hero HX250R may not make it even until 2015 end

Snapshot: Hero HX 250R would miss the scheduled launch date by huge demand. Will the other bikes make it?

Hero’s American partner EBR (Erik Buell Racing) filed for bankruptcy recently. The news was a shock to the motoring world and Hero MotoCorp alike. Hero MotoCorp bought a 49.2% stake in the company for 25 million dollars. Hero made statement sometime ago in which they said that EBR’s bankruptcy would not affect the undergoing project since most of the projects are either completed or are nearing completion.

However, it may not be true since according to the latest reports from Autocar Professional, the much awaited quarter litre bike – HX250R that was supposed to be built in collaboration is not ready. Also, the company is seeking external help to complete the pending projects with its own R&D. The Hero HX250R, would be delayed enough to not be among us even by the end of this year. If you had been the one who was waiting for the motorcycle. It might be a better idea to look for options like Honda CBR 250R, KTM RC 390 etc.

We wonder what would happen to the other bikes – RNT, ZIR and Hastur and if they would make it to market as initially planned or if they would make it at all.  

Source: Autocar Professional

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