E-Cycles anyone? Hero Electric launches Avior Range at 18,990!!!

E-Cycles anyone? Hero Electric launches Avior Range at 18,990!!!

Snapshot: Burn Calories, Save Money and yes, Enjoy some electric mild whoosh!!!!

E - Cycles are a very interesting piece of technology. For the corporate professionals working in Metropolitan cities or students who live in big universities (or closer to their college), or if your office just happens to be around the block, making your expenses for parking more than the money you put in fuel, E-Cycles sounds to be a very interesting bet. You can do both, save some money and burn some calories (let's face it, your gym subscription was just done to make your girl happy).

Thinking on these same things Hero Electric, a divison of Hero Motocorp, launched the Avior range of electric cycles targeted at corporate professionals in metropolitan cities in India. Two variants were launched – one each for men and women – at a price of Rs 18,990 and Rs 19,290 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). The prices are likely to be higher in other cities as the Delhi state government offers 15 percent subsidy and no VAT on e-cycles.  Although the company announced that it would wait for the government to clarify its policy on electric vehicles before expanding its dealership network and production, the newly launched Avior series can be purchased at any of Hero Electric’s 250 dealers across India and via the company’s website.

 Both the Avior AFX and the Avior AMX, targeted at female and male consumers respectively, are powered by 24V lithium-ion batteries that take 4.5-5.5 hours to charge. On the throttle mode, the cycle has a range of 20 km per charge and on the pedal-assist mode, the range is extended by 5 km. 

While the AMX carries a 6-speed Shimano gear system along with disc brakes at the front, the AFX has no gears and has electronic braking at the front. Both versions get alloy wheels. The AFX also gets a metallic carrier at the front and a saree guard. The AMX weighs 34 kg and has a wheelbase of 1105 mm and the AFX has a wheelbase of 1040 mm and weighs 33 kg.

We believe that Government should promote technology like this by giving subsidy to manufacturers who are willing to take a step in this direction, this will help bring the costs down to a level where it might actually benefit people who are in need of a product like this, but in their budget.


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