EICMA 2014 – Yamaha FJ -09 leaked

EICMA 2014 – Yamaha FJ -09 leaked

Snapshot: Leaked: Yamaha FJ -09 ahead of EICMA 2014

In a rare occurrence, it seems a photo of the still unreleased Yamaha FJ-09 made its way to Yamaha’s press site accidentally. Although the photo of the 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 doesn’t really give too much away from the machine, but we do know that the bike will be based on FZ-09.

The FJ-09 uses a similar three-cylinder engine as the sport nakeds, though looks to have more suspension travel and other touring elements. Picking up where the Yamaha TDM left off as a middleweight sport/adventure-tourer, the Yamaha FJ-09 could be a very interesting addition to Yamaha’s lineup.

With the FZ/MT line showing great value for the performance, Yamaha could be set to release a very adorable machine for ADV and sport-touring riders, as it will be Yamaha’s budget-minded sport/ADV-touring machine.

We at Bikeportal believe that motorcycles like the FJ-09 are very well suited for Indian market. All, that is left is, the desire of companies like Yamaha to bring these products to India in a way that their price does not end up being a spoilsport for customers.

We expect the 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 to break cover officially at the EICMA show in a few weeks’ time.

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