EICMA 2015 - 2016 Hyosung GT650R arrives with an all new design!

EICMA 2015 - 2016 Hyosung GT650R arrives with an all new design!

Snapshot: Hyosung has given a beautiful design upgrade to their very capable GT650R....

We had been waiting for it since some time now for the Korean motorcycle maker, Hyosung to give a makeover to their most famous model in India, the GT650R. The Bike has always been a capable middle weight for India but has been largely hurt by a lack of brand image required to entice customers to reach showroom. However we here at Bikeportal have admiration towards how easily the bike can be used almost daily.

Now as expected, the ongoing EICMA 2015 has seen the unveil of the 2016 model of GT650r, by far the most popular product from the Hyosung line up in India. For 2016 the GT650r has lost some weight and has become sleeker than ever before. Hyosung has given their middle weight a whole new makeover on the aesthetics department and the bike has turned out be more contemporary looking than the current model.

The changes done to the looks of the gT650R for 2016 are immediately apparent when viewed from the front,  where the older vertically staked headlight assembly has given way to a more contemporary twin pod headlamp design. Seen from the sideways, it becomes clear that the designers at Hyosung have gone for a rather organic and a flowing design philosophy. There has been a complete redesign of the air scoops and vents which have been re-sculpted to allow better r air flow making the bike more aerodynamic adding to the stability of the bike which is capable of doing speeds in excess of 150kmph all day round. The new design of the 2016 GT650R also gets a new fuel tank that can contain 15 litres of fuel, a 2 liter decrease from the current 17 liter tank. Though we reckon this would help Hyosung more since, the current wide flat tank design caused issues while taking you turns, saying that,  the new tank gels well with the new design making the bike look leaner and we reckon this will suit to sales counter as well. 

The whole new design activity continues at the rear also, where the designers have given the rear section a more sleeker and a flowing look as compared to the current model. The rear seat panels and section of the2016 GT650R have been extended towards the tank to improve comfort for the rider while for the pillion, the GT650R continues to have a split seat design though it is slightly more rounded this time around. The new grab rails gel well into the rear panels while the foot pegs are now bolted to the centre portion of the chassis.

To further extend the aesthetic appeal the designers at Hyosung have gone ahead and used petal disc brakes to the present setup, we reckon the 2016 GT650R will also see an marked improvement in the braking department. However the exhaust design seems to have skipped the redesigning but as most of the present customers, expect the accessory exhausts to get fitted as a first mod to the bike after purchase.

The 2016 GT650R will be powered by the same unit that does duty on the current model, producing 75bhp and 65Nm of peak torque. However, Hyosung is claiming that the new model has lost 10kgs (in the process of redesign)as compared to the current model, which means we can expect more performance from the 2016 version since there will be a gain in the power to weight ratios. Expect the launch of the 2016 Hyosung GT650R in Indian market during the second half of 2016.

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