EICMA 2015 - Video - Ducati drops in a Bombshell, Scrambler 400 has arrived!

EICMA 2015 - Video - Ducati drops in a Bombshell, Scrambler 400 has arrived!

Snapshot: The thing we were waiting for has arrived...almost....

After long lasting rumours and incredible level of enthusiasm around it, Ducati has finally unveiled what should be the most important motorcycle for the brand and its followers the world over, especially in south east Asian market. The hugely anticipated Scrambler 400 has arrived and has been enticingly named - Ducati ScramblerSixty2. The name being an ode to the times when the first crop of the Scramblers came in existence.

The idea for the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 is simple, Ducati has taken the basic Scrambler chassis and has re-sleeved the Scrambler's air-cooled v-twin 803cc unit into a 400cc  displacement L-twin, this has given the Sixty2 a 72mm x 49mm bore and stroke as compared to the 88mm x 66mm bore and stroke on the bigger Scrambler 803cc models. This has resulted into the ScramblerSixty2 which as per Ducati suits perfectly for the needs of new riders with a power output of  a healthy 41bhp and 167kg dry weight. The weight is still almost similar to the bigger Scramblers and which means the bike is heavier than what is available in the market segment, but hey, it is by far the coolest machine in the segment and combined with the name tag of being a Ducati, this is sure to entice a lot many new riders to the brand and add to that, the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 does fit into Europe’s A2 license format, so, it gives beginners a gateway to Italian exotica.

Ducati is hoping that the Sixty2 will get younger, new riders to its fold thus allowing the Italian company to grow in volumes, however at $7,995 that roughly translate into 5.20 lakhs in India the bike cannot be considered as cheap by any standard. However, it still makes the Sixty2 the most affordable Ducati one can buy, and add the fact that the Sixty2 comes in colour shades like “Atomic Tangerine”, “Ocean Grey”, or “Shining Black", the coolness factor just remains niche.

However, what makes us interested is the fact that how Ducati will bring the bike into the Indian market since the import structure doesn't allow bringing in bikes under 600cc as CBU, thus it would mean Ducati will have to bring the bike in the highly lucrative Indian market through the CKD route and that makes things interesting, it can mean that Ducati can shift to CKD operations for most of its, Scrambler, Monster, Hypermotard range for Indian market and this will be the greatest gift Ducati can give to its Indian Ducatisti!!

Stay with us as we dwell deeper into the news.....

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on 2015-11-17 10:59:51

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