EICMA 2015 - Video - Ducati Unveils XDiavel & XDiavel S - Belt Driven Power Cruisers!

EICMA 2015 - Video - Ducati Unveils XDiavel & XDiavel S - Belt Driven Power Cruisers!

Snapshot: And Ducati did a Harley....

Hailed as the Ducati entry into the full fledge true blue authentic power cruiser segment and after being spied multiple times, the hugely anticipated belt driven Ducati has finally arrived and it looks purposeful for the target it has. A representation of the expansion of the hugely successful Diavel line, the all new belt driven cruiser has been named - XDiavel by Ducati, where the 'X' as explained in detail during the global launch by Ducati represents a meeting points of two different ideologies.  

From the beginning the XDiavel will be available in two Variants - XDiavel and the sportier and lighter XDiavel S. Aimed to cater to the authentic cruiser lovers from essentially US of A (North America being Ducati's biggest market) the all new bike from Ducati is poised fairly well to get a whole new lot of riders into its fold.

EICMA 2015 - Ducati Panigale 959 with a strange exhaust!!

The XDiavel siblings are powered by a new and pretty powerful 1262cc L twin engine, which incorporates Variable Valve timing that debuted on the Multistrada last year at EICMA 2014 and the engine produces a healthy 156bhp and a whopping 131 Nm of torque. However, no matter what Ducati does and no matter how far they go to get new customers into its fold, Ducati will always be that exotic superbike maker from Italy and that is the reason why there is that little switch under which it is written in red colour (something that was proudly told by the CEO of Ducati, Mr. Claudio Domenicali, he loved the fact that there was still some 'red' on an otherwise all black Ducati) 'DPL' or “Ducati Power Launch” and it is a feature that should help get all insane power from the XDiavel down to the road, for when it comes time to embarrass some wannabe drag racers.

Do tell us if you liked the way Ducati is going and if you liked the way the New XDiavel looks...Watch the video below and comment.... 

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