EICMA 2016 - Benelli resurrects legendary Leoncino name!

EICMA 2016 - Benelli resurrects legendary Leoncino name!

Snapshot: Benelli again teases it new bike before EICMA 2016, Resurrects the legendary 'Leoncino' name...


With just a day remaining before the hugely anticipated EICMA 2016 begins, almost all the motorcycle manufacturers have jumped into the bandwagon to create hype regarding their new launches and concepts for the model year 2016 and beyond. Only last week we shared with you a teaser of what Benelli was calling - A Legend is Coming Back! and now we get a slightly better look at the machine with a confirmed name - Benelli Leoncino - an iconic name from Benelli history.

Italian for 'Lion Cub' , the Leoncino was Benelli's offering to Italy in the aftermath of World War II, in times when Italians needed affordable means of travel and transport since most of the people could not afford cars and even the Italian infrastructure couldn't support four-wheeled mass transport back in those horrid times. These are the same times where most of the iconic names from the motorcycle history of Italy comes from and the latest tease does help in keeping the hype alive for the reveal of this new bike from Benelli at EICMA 2016.

If Benelli sticks to the roots of the name 'Leoncino' in its history, then it would be safe to imagine that the upcoming reveal will most probably be a budget mid-sized model which is to be added to the Benelli line-up for 2016. Interestingly enough Benelli already has its street naked TNT600i playing rather well in this segment. This makes it interesting to see what and where Benelli Leoncino will find its target customer base at when launched.

In the Video below, only a brief glimpse of the new Benelli Leoncino was teased and it appears to be a more retro Scrambler-ish design with no-thrills “standard” feel. If you had been following Benelli's EICMA and other appearances in previous years then you would remember the Due 756, that has already been displayed a number of times in recent years. Though a pretty design in itself, Benelli would do good to arrive with a more contemporary and scrambler version of the Due 756 (IF it is the bike they are showing since the dull silhouette of the bike in the video also has a resemblance to the Due.

Stay with us all through EICMA 2016 and be updated for a very promising 2016!!

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