Europe gets to taste the Performance Edition of Kawasaki Z800

Europe gets to taste the Performance Edition of Kawasaki Z800

Snapshot: The European division of Kawasaki unveils the upgraded version of Z800 which is not an aftermarket modified kit

According to resources, the Performance Edition has been launched in Europe and on papers, it looks like everything one could wish for. The good part is that it saves people to go for aftermarket modifications hence, saving them the pain. More important is the fact that it would also offer a good value for money without sweating.

The Z800 Performance Edition wins over the stock one in terms of a smoke tinted flyscreen, better aerodynamics, a semi-transparent resin gel tank pad and a special seat cover. A special section, however, needs to be dedicated to the Akrapovic exhaust that looks just a lot more intense and in sync with the flow of the motorcycle. It too is fully road legal and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Kawasaki has not made public realistic specifications for this variant and it is kind of a letdown. To make the situation all the more confusing, Kawasaki has not even revealed the price of this tuned-up version of an already very aggressive motorcycle, but it is assumed to be some $ 1400 more than the usual price which is a fair good deal looking at the power parts that it contains plus the energy you save from getting it under the same roof.

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on 2014-05-22 11:32:16

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