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Everything you need to know about Suzuki Motorcycles India from the Autoexpo 2016

Snapshot: Gixxer 150, Gixxer SF with rear disc and new colours. Access 125 facelift unveiled and much more!

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The Japanese motorcycle maker has just unveiled the new upcoming upgraded versions of the Gixxer 150, Gixxer SF and also Access 125 for us at the ongoing AutoExpo 2016. None of the models have been launched but as reports says, Suzuki will soon launch the same in the upcoming months.

The new models Gixxer SF and the naked Gixxer 150 have been updated with new colour schemes as well and we expect the new rear disc variants to be priced slightly higher than the current versions.

Apart from that, like every year, Suzuki has also displayed its entire range of superbikes in India including its brutal MotoGP machine.

While are still waiting for the quartre-litre faired Gixxer 250 to be showcased atleast but looks like Suzuki have other plans for it. stay tuned for more updates from the Autoexpo 2016.

Apart from these, Suzuki has also unveiled the new Hayate EP which has been upgraded drastically.