Exclusive - DSK to Manufacture Hyosung Bikes in India; Announcement Soon

Exclusive - DSK to Manufacture Hyosung Bikes in India; Announcement Soon

Snapshot: Is there an announcement in line for manufacturing of Hyosung line up in India, we got news!!

DSK-Motowheels is one company that can be considered to be one of the foremost pioneers for bringing big brand motorcycles to India. Back when they took hold of the reigns from Garware and take over its JV with Hyosung, there were some anxiety among the people in know about the future of the South Korean motorcycle manufacturers future in India. DSK was a real estate giant with an experience as Toyota's biggest dealers in the Country. Soon enough as DSK Motowheels took to the board, changes started to arrive and all the fears vanished as the sales of Hyosung products started to rise.

So much has been the success of the DSK-Hyosung tie up , that the company outsells Harley Davidson's sales year on year since the American brand came to India, an incredible feat for a brand that had to earn its position in the heart of the customers, unlike HD's readymade fame in the country.

Recently, we reported that DSK Motowheels has invested 400 crores in an all new manufacturing facility and it made us believe that DSK might be planning to get the manufacturing of Hyosung products in India.  But when this would happen was yet to be revealed.

Now, as per our significant sources we can expect an announcement of DSK Motowheels is soon to start production of Hyosung Motorcycles in India, although it was always expected but we have now confirmed report that in all probability the official announcement will be coming out for the same by end of May, 2015 with production commencing soon afterwards the plant is fully functional.

That would not only mean a brilliant price positioning of the entire Hyosung range in India but also will mean that the dealers and customers will have better supply of the bikes. This venture of DSK Motowheels would also mean that India will become export hub for Hyosung products meaning a win-win deal for both parties involved.

Stay with us as we bring more updates on the same! 

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