Exclusive - Royal Enfield Himalayan rendered; likely to launch in June 2015

Exclusive - Royal Enfield Himalayan rendered; likely to launch in June 2015

Snapshot: The Himalayan is near its launch and we have rendered it!!!

According to BikePortal's sources close to development, Royal Enfield is working towards launching its Himalayan adventure tourer/scrambler in June 2015. As reported earlier, the bike is expected to be based on the Continental GT, and a computer generated, speculative rendering has been added below.

But that's not it. The company is also believed to be working on an all-new, single cylinder engine, based on their parallel twin 750cc that was in news earlier this month. Further details about the engine include a 400-410cc capacity, more on which and the upcoming Royal Enfield Himalayan which will be using it, can be read below.

The company organises hugely popular annual riding event in the Himalayas, called the Himalayan Odyssey in June/July. And it's  expected to give the participants the first glimpse of a launch-ready version of the Himalayan during the ride.

All we know about the upcoming Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Himalayan as we had already discussed is based on the Continental GT platform, meaning it gains from the spectacular chassis of the cafe racer. We road tested the Continental GT a few months ago and were all praises for its incredible handling and styling.  For sure, the Himalayan starts off with the best platform RE could possibly give it, and it should make the bike handle good and also provide great feedback, we reckon.

The above speculative rendering made by our in house designer, Shaaz, has been developed after understanding the inputs from our sources. According to which, we can conclude that the Royal Enfield Himalayan will have the following characteristics:

1. Continental GT Chassis - 

Designed by Harris Engineering this chassis has a lot of potential going with it and would suit the new bike just fine.

2. 400-410cc Single Cylinder Engine - 

It is expected to be based on the 750cc Parallel Twin under development, which we have talked about earlier.

3. High Handle Bars - 

The Scrambler/ Adventure Touring style Handle Bars for more upright riding posture, would been more comfort and better off-road ability in the Himalayan

4. Scrambler Style Headlight Guard - 

Something that will help protect the Headlight assembly from damage in case of an off-road excursion.

5. Long Travel Front Telescopic Forks - 

This will enable the Himalayan to deal with the rough patches easily, proving its  off-road credentials. The suspension will have a longer travel than the one on the GT and it will essentially be based on Thunderbird's front forks, as pointed by our sources. Being a scrambler design idea, we believe the rear tyre might be a fatter one while the front would surely be of larger diameter.

6. Scrambler Type Exhaust Assembly - 

To provide a better water wading and off road strengths to the Himalayan.

7. Larger Fuel Tank - 

It will provide the Himalayan a longer range as compared, a necessary requirement for a motorcycle of this category. Expected volume - 16-18 litres as compared to that of Continental GT

8. Higher Ground Clearance, Rake angle, and Wheelbase - 

In comparison to the Continental GT's ground clearance of 140mm, and wheelbase of 1360mm, the upcoming Himalayan will be higher and will boast a longer wheelbase, too.

Steering rake could have a slightly less steep angle than the Continental GT.

9. Brembo brakes and Paioli Rear Shocks - 

The Himalayan is likely to continue with the Continental GT's Brembo brakes and Paioli shocks.

Also, there are chances that Royal Enfield might just toy around with an idea of incorporating a monoshock in the upcoming Himalayan

The new engine could essentially be a single cylinder, 400-410cc unit based on the recently scooped In-Line Twin 750cc Engine that was being tested on the Continental GT chassis.

The new engine is said to be  shorter  in stroke than the current engines, making us wonder that it might peak around  a little higher 6500-7000rpm compared to the 5000-5500rpm of the current ones.

Our sources have also mentioned that RE has worked hard on the refinement and NVH of the new engine.

In fact, throughout the international media, the Royal Enfield Continental GT was hailed for its handling and braking as well as the chassis feedback, but there was a unanimous disappointment towards its build quality, vibrations and lack of Top Speeds. For such incredibly potential products like the Continental GT, a more refined engine won't look out of place in it. And the same can be said for future products like the Himalayan, too.

We reckon, if launched around June 2015, the Royal Enfield Himalayan will come out at an absolutely perfect time when the Touring season, up in the mountains, begins in India. And it just cannot be any better than launching the bike at the Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey itself... 

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