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Fiat Abarth Punto to be Launched in India by October this year

Fiat Abarth Punto to be Launched in India by October this year

Snapshot: Fiat planning to introduce latest model Punto Abarth Evo into the Indian car market this year

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It was rumoured that Fiat, the Italian car manufacturing giant, is planning to introduce its latest model ‘Punto Abarth Evo’ into the Indian car market this year.  The model was seen by people in the Southern city of ‘Coimbatore’ on the roads doing a ‘test run’ to see whether all the systems in the vehicle are running properly or not.  Though it was supposed to have been launched in ‘June’ this year, Fiat has now decided to unveil the Jeep model first and then introduce ‘punto abarth Evo EsseEsse’ in ‘October’. 

The ‘petrol engine’ likely to be used in Punto Abarth Evo is likely to have one point four Litre ‘T-Jeturbo’.  It is hoped that the power generation would be one hundred and fiftytwo BHP. The Gearbox maybe a six Speed Manual one.  The mule on the roads of Coimbatore was seen to have two doors.  It is not certain that the unit will come in  Completely Knock Down (‘CKD’) or  Completely Build Unit (‘CBU’) versions; however, the Indian public prefers a car with four doors so it is logical to  introduce a model which has 4 doors.  The model spotted doing a test run appeared to be the highest class variant of the ‘punto abarth’ because it had both ‘EsseEsse’ as well as ‘Evo’ logos. This particular model is likely to come with an engine which surges ahead in seven point five ‘seconds’ from zero to ninety six KMPH and also can reach two hundred ten KMPH speed.  

Fiat is likely to introduce the jeep brand which is ready in their manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu near ‘Chennai’. ‘Abrath Punto is going to be unveiled after the introduction of the Jeep brand to the market.  No date of the launch is announced yet but it maybe in November / December 2013. This model is going to be the 1st ‘hot-hatch’ version of cars with a powerful engine which is going to be introduced in the Indian car market for the first time.