Fire Engulfs Hyosung Ahmedabad Showroom Dealership as Benelli showroom just survives!

Fire Engulfs Hyosung Ahmedabad Showroom Dealership as Benelli showroom just survives!

Snapshot: Sad news as DSK-Hyosung suffers fire incident damaging the showroom and the bikes!!!

Tragedy struck the DSK-Hyosung dealership at Ahmedabad, when fire broke out in its premises on 16th July, 2015. As per reports  the showroom floor, walls, and the roof has  suffered serious damage, however, the motorcycles parked inside the showroom have suffered a comparatively lower degree of damage. The models that suffered the burn injuries (Yes, we believe Motorcycles have souls and we are sad for them) were the Aquila GV250, GT650R, and the GT650N, the bikes suffering melting of rubber parts and the seats landing with the same fate.

Suspected to be caused by a electrical system issue, the true cause of the fire are still unknown, and we believe Hyosung will lose it showroom for a while as the maintenance work might take time. However, the showroom adjacent to the Hyosung one was lucky to have survived the incident, and it belongs to Hyosung's sibling company in India, Benelli, lucky strike as both the showrooms share a same glass wall.

We are sure, the insurance claim will return most of the dealership expenses and we believe, till the repair work completes, the deliveries can be handled through the Benelli showroom, after all, that is what siblings are for. We do not have an update regarding what would be the fate of the bikes that has suffered burns in the incident. We hope DSK -Hyosung and the dealership find out solution that makes sure no one loses out, the company, the dealer and the customers after the incident.

Courtesy : RushLane

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on 2015-07-17 04:35:08

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