Fire God Devours 65 Royal Enfield's at Ahmedabad!!

Fire God Devours 65 Royal Enfield's at Ahmedabad!!

Snapshot: It seems Fire Gods like the RE's as much as we do, but they erred a bit in getting the delivery part!

There happens to be a huge demand of Royal Enfield motorcycle line-up, with almost all the models from the Iconic company demanding staggering waiting periods for deliveries. It seems even the gods up in the heavens are not devoid of their liking to the Chennai based historic brand. Unfortunately though, this time around, it was the Fire god who wanted not just one, but an entire truck load of Royal Enfield's for his collections. Though, there occurred a minor issue, in the process of claiming (which belonged to other mortals, in the first place mind you) the bikes, fire god ended up consuming the bikes in his heat, and what was left was a crisp metal junk, suitable for a post-apocalyptic movie shooting.

2 nights ago, at around 2 am, fire broke out in a transport truck at Aslali area in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. Around 65 units of brand-new Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles shared the lorry’s fire and they all burnt together to crisp  at Ambika estate, which is situated behind the premises of Lalji Mulji transport company.  Reason or point of origin of the fire is unknown. Fire department was notified and two fire fighter vehicles rushed to the scene and extinguished the fire before it went out of control. However, the 65 brand-new Royal Enfield Bullet bikes were severely damaged from the fire.

All inflammable parts like seats, polymers, tyres and the like, have vaporised (including paint) and only the rusty skeleton stood amid the ashes. Waiting period of Royal Enfield Bullet is already pretty long, unfortunate customers would have to wait longer to get their rides.

A loss of worth more than 75 lakhs just in motorcycles, and a heart pounding ache to at least 65 customers, who would have been waiting desperately for their deliveries after a long long wait since their booking, means that it is a very sad news all around. Since we here at Bikeportal care and love motorcycle (almost always) more than most of the human beings, we pay our condolences and May the souls of those unfortunate bikes rest in peace. 

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on 2014-12-09 01:10:04

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