Friday Dreams: is the Honda RC213V-S street version coming to EICMA!!!

Friday Dreams: is the Honda RC213V-S street version coming to EICMA!!!

Snapshot: Is she Finally coming!!!

If rumours are true, Honda is finally set to debut its long-awaited V4 production superbike, now-called the Honda RC213V-S, at next week’s EICMA show. Not exactly a direct replacement for the Honda CBR1000RR, the RC213V-S is instead expected to be an ultra-premium superbike, which may or may not be the basis for the Japanese company’s WSBK entry in 2015.

We have been waiting, hoping, wishing that Honda would finally release its Moto GP-derived street bike to the masses, but Big Red has constantly disappointed us in that regard, even after the project was confirmed by Honda CEO Takanobu Ito. Reasons for the bike’s delay have been put to Honda’s uncertainty regarding the sport bike markets in Europe and North America, but a deeper vein of conservatism might be at stake as well.

All four of the Japanese OEMs have been reluctant to bring new bikes to market, since the start of the recession; and the few that they have debuted, nearly none of them have been bold entries. That trend does seem to be changing, however. Bold is an apt word for the supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2R track bike we have seen, and we imagine the word will continue to be relevant with the slightly tamer Kawasaki Ninja H2 street bike.

Of course, any street-going Moto GP machine is surely going to be an interesting unveiling. We expect the production volume will be incredibly limited, the horsepower figures to be class-leading, and the price tag to be rooted somewhere in the upper stratosphere. We can’t wait to see it.

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on 2014-10-31 12:35:49

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