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G2 P51 Combat Fighter launched by Confederate Motorcycles

Snapshot: Confederate Motorcycles is well known around the globe for its creations like Hellcat X132 and Wraith

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If there is a motorcycle manufacturer whose creations looks more ET than any other rival brand then it is none other than Confederate Motorcycles located in Alabama, USA. Confederate Motorcycles is well known around the globe for its creations like Hellcat X132 and Wraith. Both of these motorcycles are nothing like anything, these motorcycles shares a similar character the one we can call “one of its kind”. And continuing the legacy, Confederate Motorcycles has come up with a new motorcycle called G2 P51 Combat Fighter.

The official Confederate website defines Confederate to be “It is absolute power. It is pure irony in the palm of your right hand. The boundaries of temptation are blurred as you feel yourself yield toward compromise. Your will to break it (absolute power) down, as you must, is simultaneously illuminated, clarified and nurtured. The boats are burning. You must know what you know is right.”

The new Confederate is based on a massive air-cooled, push-rod V-twin engine that delivers about 200bhp and 230Nm of torque. The bike incorporates the first in the industry CNC billet aluminium downdraft intake manifold system not only this, the wheels of this motorcycle are made up of Carbon Fibre. The suspensions utilized in G2 P51 are made by the company itself and is a double wishbone girder link system. It is quite hard to get your hands on one of these beauties, as these motorcycles are made in limited numbers and if you witness a Confederate rolling next to you on road someday consider yourself lucky. G2 P51 is priced starting at US$ 1,13,900 or equivalent to INR 75lakhs. Yes that aint cheap but that is the price you have to pay for a beauty like this. Tell us what u think of the new G2 P51 Combat Fighter in the comment section below.