Global Suppliers Conference-2015 organized by Yamaha in Japan

Global Suppliers Conference-2015 organized by Yamaha in Japan

Snapshot: Yamaha Motor Company Ltd (YMC) organised a conference for suppliers from around the globe to exchange their future plans and exhibit future technologies

Recently the Global Suppliers Conference 2015 was organized by Yamaha Motor Company Ltd (YMC) in Japan. The meet was attended by various suppliers from across the globe. Around 15 suppliers were invited from India itself to showcase their technology and grab attention from the senior management of YMC Group. This conference serves as a platform for suppliers across the world to understand company’s vision and exchange future plans and technologies with the Yamaha Motor Company’s team. At this event SPARK MINDA GROUP an Indian supplier group was awarded with the ‘Global Award for Excellence Innovation’. Various Indian suppliers that participated in the event included FIEM Industries Limited, Endurance Technologies Private Limited, Roop Polymers Limited, NRB Bearings Limited, Pricol Limited, Sansera Engineering Private Limited, ADVIK Hi-Tech Private Limited and Indian Fine Blanks Limited.

“This year our focus was to promote the Indian suppliers worldwide through this conference. It improves competitiveness among the suppliers and encourages them to develop materials and processes which are cost effective and best in quality, accuracy and design. Indian suppliers are not only able to showcase their technology and innovations on a global platform which is very good for improving motivation but they also get an opportunity to interact with Yamaha Research & Development and Engineering teams from various Yamaha group companies. This collaboration and involvement at an early stage is helpful in creating a Quality, Delivery and Cost (QDC) structure which is robust and efficient.” As stated by Mr. Sanjiv Paul, India Yamaha Motor, Manufacturing Unit Head

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