Good Bye Inazuma - Suzuki to stop selling its Quarter litre tourer from March 2015!

Good Bye Inazuma - Suzuki to stop selling its Quarter litre tourer from March 2015!

Snapshot: The very capable but old school looker Inazuma is on its way out...Makes us sad!!

We reported a few days ago about Inazuma being taken out of the Suzuki website. Now confirm news has arrived that Suzuki will not sell the Inazuma after March 2015 in India.

The Suzuki Inazuma's story more or less describes the story of Suzuki Motorcycles effort in India (strictly talking about the pre Gixxer 160 times). Inazuma is a fairly capable motorcycle. A way more comfortable and a proper mile-muncher in its segment and segment rivals, Inazuma is (or was?) what we can call a perfect (almost) bike for India.

Sadly though, as much capable as it is as a motorcycle, the Suzuki Inazuma has not been able to catapult the company’s rankings in the quarter-litre motorcycle segment of the Indian two-wheeler market. A hefty price tag and old-school design did not attract many customers. The Suzuki Inazuma is powered by a 250cc fuel-injected, parallel twin engine that produces 26 bhp of power and 24.4 Nm of torque. The engine comes mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Currently, the motorcycle retails for Rs 2.61 lakh (on-road Mumbai). Earlier this year, the product witnessed a steep price cut of Rs 1 lakh.

With Suzuki India reportedly deciding to discontinue the Suzuki Inazuma 250 from March, we unfortunately have to say goodbye to a very capable machine. But till it’s there, there is still good news.

The Inazuma’s failure in the Indian market was quite imminent. Firstly, it isn’t a valuable proposition in a price-to-performance driven market, with manufacturers like KTM offering much cheaper and more powerful alternatives while Kawasaki playing by the premium feel of the segment with its Ninja 300, offering a full fairing, more power and effectively a more engaging motorcycle.

Internationally though, where the market is more mature and customers understand their need rather than what is on offer, the Inazuma does pretty well as an entry-level sport touring motorcycle offering loads of comfortable riding miles. India unfortunately, still has to develop understanding beyond full fairing motorcycles.

Suzuki Inamuza, and its brief story!!


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