Good News - Kawasaki slashes Z800 Prices by 50,000 INR until March 2015!!

Good News - Kawasaki slashes Z800 Prices by 50,000 INR until March 2015!!

Snapshot: Kawasaki reduces Z800 price by 50000 Rs till March 2015

Kawasaki has reduced the price of the Z800 street-fighter motorcycle in India by Rs. 55,000/- till March end. Thus the new price of Rs. 7.35 lakhs will be valid till the end of the current fiscal year. The price reduction might come across as a surprise as the whole automobile sector is busy hiking prices on the back of increase in excise duty which is 4% higher on 2-wheelers now. Kawasaki is likely to roll back the Z800’s price to the earlier Rs. 7.90 lakhs in April, passing on the higher excise duty to customers.

The Kawasaki Z800 is perhaps the cheapest in-line four motorcycle you can buy in India. The Japanese manufacturer though wants the price point to go down even further and the price reduction might just be a reason for that. This is from the official release, however, expect the prices to be even lower at your nearest showroom, depending on local taxation.

Kawasaki could have dispatched units of the Z800 to its existing dealers at the end of the year, thereby being charged the lower excise duty, so one will get the 2014 manufactured motorcycle. The reason for the price drop is the cost reduction done by Kawasaki Thailand in the manufacturing of the Z800, entire benefit is being given to customers. Kawasaki won’t be reducing prices of its other bikes as they come from Japan while the reduction in manufacturing costs has happened in Thailand, the same country also supplies CKD kits to Kawasaki India for the Z250, Ninja 300, ER-6n and Ninja 650.

On a lighter note, Kawasaki also mentioned jokingly in their release that at times when every other manufacturer has hiked prices citing increased input costs and the hike in excise duty, they are a rare kind who are swimming against the tides to ensure smiles across potential Kawasaki customers in India.

The Kawasaki Z800 is a powerful street naked powered forward by a 806cc, in-line four motor which generates 113 PS of power and 83 Nm of torque. It reaches 100 km/hr from standstill in just 3.5 seconds while top speed is in excess of 230 km/hr. This makes it one of the most incredibly apt naked's for our country. Since we don't get the Triumph's 106 PS Street Triple in India, this Kawasaki has little competition at the moment with hefty rivalry set to commence later this year with the launch of the Benelli TNT 899.


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