Good News Riders! Now buy Metzeler Tires from KTM Service Centres!!

Good News Riders! Now buy Metzeler Tires from KTM Service Centres!!

Snapshot: Riders Rejoice, now you can buy Metzelers froma KTM Service station nearby!

The KTM Duke 390 and the Rc390 are incredible piece of engineering, both motorcycles are absolute hoot to ride. KTM has also not been shy in giving its products top of the line equipment on their bikes such as USD forks, Metzeler tires. Especially the Metzeler tire shave been in demand at the aftermarket arena for their absolutely brilliant construction, material and gripping. we all have been wanting to buy these tires of shelf to use them in our own bikes and custom builders have also been fairly keen on putting up these rubbers on their designs.

Since the launch of the Duke 390 and the subsequent launch of RC390, enthusiasts were concerned about the cost of these tyres since they are made in Germany and imported to India by Bajaj Auto. Well, a set of rubber for the Duke/RC 390 will set you back by Rs. 16,160/-, the individual break-up being Rs. 7425/- for the front tyre and Rs. 8735/- for the rear tyre. One can also use these tyres on the Duke/RC 200 as they share the same tyre size although they come equipped with more cost effective rubber, from MRF (REVZ).

With the KTM Duke 390 completing around 1.5 years in the Indian market, many owners would have completed 15,000 kms, requiring a tyre change. The average life of these sticky Metzeler tyres are between 10-15,000 kms, depending on your riding style. Sure replacing them doesn’t come cheap but one can equate the cost of using this fantastic rubber to be around Rs. 1/- per km. If you still want cheaper tyres, then opting for the MRF REVZ will result in a set costing under Rs. 6000/-, which is whooping 60% cheaper.

Even though the Metzeler tyres come at quite a cost, KTM service centres offer them at the cheapest when compared to individual tyre dealers who will charge you up to Rs. 25,000/- for a set. High cost of imports is definitely to blame, along with the duties on imported tyres. Still, if you have a Duke 390, chances are you love exploiting those 44 Indian born Austrian horses and for that very purpose, the grip offered by the Metzelers make them worth each and every penny.


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